Concept Magazine: Project D

For one of my first classes at SCAD, I had to come up with the concept of a magazine.  I titled it Project D (d for design).  The idea of the magazine would be to talk about all things design, not just graphic.  I’m in love with all things design.  These pages (images) are a few examples of what it might look like.  The front cover was a combination of superimposing imagery and manipulating it to look and feel like a Herbert Bayer piece, collaged. Ideally the magazine wouldn’t talk about JUST graphic design like the example pages, but ALL things design, architecture, interior, product, packaging . . .

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Real interviews (or pieces from real interviews) were used to create the copy.  I wanted to use information that was true to life so that my designs would be directly inspired by the interviews and ideas that were really said or portrayed by the interviewees.  looking back at it, I see things I would change now, and probably will go back to change some of it (of course I have a lot of other work to finish!).


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